Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is a system developed by Harville Hendrix along with his partner Helen LaKelly Hunt. This unique approach integrates western psychological systems, behavioral sciences, and spiritual disciplines into a theory of primary love relationships.

Intimate relationships can be painful and confusing. IRT helps couples to make sense of the unconscious factors that were in play when choosing a committed partner.   It unveils the emotional dynamics that are being replayed from childhood and it teaches couples how to relate to each other, and themselves, in a more nurturing, loving way and in so doing, heal the wounds of childhood that prevent wholeness.

Imago teaches that the power struggle is a natural part of your relationship. Through the skills learned in IRT, you will learn that this struggle has a purpose, ultimately to help you to grow and heal and to experience the joy of committed love

The Couple's Workstation is an invaluable resource dedicated to helping couples improve their relationship by providing information and cutting edge interactive relationship tools. It is Imago based and enormously useful in learning and honing the Imago skills. Take a few minutes to take the tour.